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Speak, AI data analyst
Hey there! This page may contain an affiliate link which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the website. I greatly appreciate your support!

Speak is a platform that actively engages with your language data. It’s not just about storing information; it’s about understanding and interpreting it. You can upload audio, video, and text data, and Speak gets to work. It transcribes and analyzes your data, identifying key elements like topics, keywords, and sentiment.

One of the standout features is Speak Magic Prompts. This allows you to interact with your data by asking questions and receiving insightful responses. It’s a dynamic way to explore your data and discover new perspectives. With a user base of over 760,000, including companies and individuals, Speak has proven its value in the field of data analysis. It’s a tool that doesn’t just passively process information, but actively helps you make sense of it.

3 reasons to use Speak

  1. Efficient Transcription and Analysis: Speak automates the conversion of audio and video data into text, saving time and effort.
  2. Interactive Data Exploration: Speak Magic Prompts allow for dynamic interaction with your data, uncovering new perspectives.
  3. User-Friendly for Various Needs: Speak caters to a wide range of needs, making it a versatile tool for individuals and companies alike.


Speak is designed to automate transcription and data analysis. It helps marketing and research teams transform unstructured audio, video, and text into competitive insights using transcription and NLP.

The AI Meeting Assistant automatically joins your meetings to record, transcribe, and analyze them. It’s compatible with major platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex. It ensures you never miss any crucial information from your meetings.

Speak uses speech recognition and natural language processing to transcribe and analyze audio, video, and text data. It identifies essential keywords, topics, key phrases, conducts sentiment analysis, and more. This allows users to compare trends over time, pit data sets against each other, and discover new opportunities.

Speak Magic Prompts allow users to get powerful answers from Speak without spending hours analyzing their data. It’s akin to having OpenAi’s GPT or Google Bard for all your audio, video, and text with no character limits. It’s a generative AI and large language model tailored for Speak.

Speak prioritizes privacy and security. All processes are HIPAA compliant, ensuring that your content remains private and you retain ownership of your data.

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AiToolsRanked's Newsletter

Explore The Latest And Greatest AI Tools!

Sign up for FREE and gain the edge of 99% with knowledge about the newest and best AI technology!