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Bertha Ai

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Hey there! This page may contain an affiliate link which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the website. I greatly appreciate your support!


Bertha AI is a dynamic AI-powered tool that revolutionizes content creation for websites. It integrates seamlessly with platforms like WordPress, Chrome, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. Not only does it generate engaging copy, but it also creates images, formulates product descriptions, and assists in blog writing. Available as a Chrome extension and a WordPress plugin, Bertha AI offers a subscription model with unlimited users and website access. It significantly reduces content creation time, making it an invaluable asset for content creators and web designers.


3 reasons to use Bertha


    1. Efficient Content Generation: Bertha AI significantly reduces the time and effort required to create content. It can generate engaging copy, formulate product descriptions, and assist in blog writing, reducing content creation time by up to 90%.
    2. Image Creation Capabilities: In addition to text, Bertha AI can also generate images and illustrations. This feature makes it a comprehensive solution for both text-based and visual content creation, enhancing the overall appeal and engagement of your website or blog.
    3. Versatile Integration: Bertha AI integrates seamlessly with various platforms including WordPress, Chrome, Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. This makes it a versatile tool that can be used across different platforms, providing a consistent and efficient content creation experience.


How does Bertha differentiate itself for WordPress users?

This tool is specifically tailored for WordPress, integrating seamlessly and acting as a content co-pilot. Moreover, it’s compatible with various page builders, ensuring a smooth user experience.

In terms of content creation, what advantages does Bertha offer?

Leveraging advanced AI technology, Bertha assists users in generating content from scratch or refining existing content, potentially reducing the creation time by up to 90%.

Can multiple users collaborate on a single website using Bertha?

Absolutely. One of its standout features is flexibility. Unlike some platforms, it accommodates multiple users, fostering a collaborative approach to content creation.

Is Bertha compatible with different themes and page builders?

Yes, it’s designed to be versatile. The tool works well with any theme or page builder, so you can bring your creative ideas to life without problems.

How does Bertha ensure the quality and relevance of the generated content?

By combining advanced AI, which has over 100 billion parameters, with the expertise of its founders, the tool ensures content is not only accurate but also engaging and tailored to specific website needs.

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AiToolsRanked's Newsletter

Explore The Latest And Greatest AI Tools!

Sign up for FREE and gain the edge of 99% with knowledge about the newest and best AI technology!